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Booklr-deal-for-Shark-Marketing-Co-clientsBooklr has a fun new promotion going – here’s how it works:

1. Share your Writing with the Booklr community. Post anything: An entire book, first chapters, first pages, essays, articles, short stories, poems, etc.

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Submitted by guest blogger Murray Newlands:

There are actually lots of very good bloggers and publishers doing great work, and those who stand out deserve to have their hard work recognized, relate with each other, and see their readerships grow. That’s why the World Media Awards exist- to recognize and reward great contributions to media from bloggers and publishers.

In my own career, I’ve learned and benefited so much from others that I wanted to help build some way to give back to an industry I love show appreciation to the up-and-coming leaders. The World Media Awards will culminate in a 1 day event in San Francisco that will celebrate the best in blogging, forums, publishing and media from around the world.

So if you are a first class blogger, why should you enter? more…