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Several savvy authors on the Affiliated Authors and Books & Writers groups at LinkedIn recently suggested that authors could help each other spread the news of their books.

Author Social Media ExchangeThe challenge: To give each other their Facebook Fan page links and Twitter handles so we could all exchange “likes” and “follows.”

The advantage: To gain more followers and fans – but in the process, to get to know other promotionally minded authors out there and, most important, to find some great new books to read!

We all love a win-win, so it didn’t take long for our inbox to become stuffed with responses. That’s when we decided to take this great cross-promotional concept to the next level and launch a Google docs page. The Author Social Media Exchange was born.

Here’s how it works:

1. If you’re an author, plug in your name, website, Twitter handle (i.e. @johndoe) and your Facebook fan page link, plus there’s room for other links, i.e. Smashwords or Goodreads.

2. By putting yourself on this list, you’re letting other authors on the list know they should come like your FB page and/or follow you on Twitter.

3. Reciprocate! Spend a few minutes a day checking the list and liking/following the other authors here!

4. If you’re a reader — we’ve now given you a great source to find some fabulous new books and authors with whom to connect.

We look forward to liking and following lots more of you at the Author Social Media Exchange! Write on…


Pattie Welek Hall booksigning

Author Pattie Welek Hall

It’s incredibly exciting when clients find new and innovative ways to fuel their writing passion. In the process of grooming her website and attracting more like-minded readers, author Pattie Welek Hall has discovered a new passion of her own — radio! She’s added a Blog Talk Radio show to her repertoire, called Joy Radio, and in just a few short weeks has already conducted two interviews (one with author Jackie Madden Haugh) and has several more on deck! I was honored to be her first “guinea pig” and we had a blast! Fair warning — the introductory laughing babies clip is infectious, but a bit long in the first show. Pattie’s since trimmed that up and is constantly learning new tips and tricks to highlight engaging guests.

I got a sneak peek at her upcoming guest roster and it’s impressive, including authors Signe Pike and Rosemary James, as well as Charleston’s Center for Women executive director Jennet Alterman, so take some time to check out the show’s newest links at Joy Radio.

If you have an idea that’s brought new interest and passion to your own site, we want to hear about it! Leave your comment and be featured in an upcoming blog…

Shark Marketing Co. Recommended reads for writers and book marketersOur new Shark Shelf features three sections of featured books that rotate on a regular basis, including:

1. Recommended to Readers: Books our team has loved, but more importantly, books that stand out to us as inspiring works from authors with real passion for their words.

2. Help for Writers: Once in a while, everyone needs a little kick in the craft pants… These books offer sage advice, and they’re recommended as stand-outs for both greater insights and great humor, too. Reading them doesn’t feel like work, but you’ll come away schooled! more…